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Identification Guide for Near Eastern Grass Seeds
Mark Nesbitt
143 pp. / 8.25 x 11.75 / Dec, 2006
Paperback (978-0-905853-41-3)
  - University College London Institute of
    Archaeology Publications

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  - Archaeology

Archaeobotanical studies constantly encounter the carbonized grains of grasses, cultivated and wild, but the vast diversity of wild species that are potentially present has made identification of archaeological material fraught with difficulties. This volume provides an invaluable tool for mastering these difficulties. Based on years of laboratory study of an extensive reference collection, this book gives expert guidance for the identification and interpretation of grass seeds, focusing on those species that occur in the Near East and Europe. Extensively illustrated by drawing of grains and graphs of morphometric data, in total 122 genera of grasses are covered, including discussion of subgeneric taxonomy and variation, with citations of key taxonomic studies. A multi-access key enables grains to be keyed into identification groups. Interpretation of the archaeological occurrence of species will be aided by biogeographic information included in the descriptions.

This title is sponsored by Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

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