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Indigenous Peoples and Archaeology in Latin America
Cristóbal Gnecco (Editor); Patricia Ayala (Editor)
352 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Sep, 2011
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  - Archaeology and Indigenous Peoples

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  - Archaeology
  - Latin American Studies
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This book is the first to describe indigenous archaeology in Latin America for an English speaking audience. Eighteen chapters primarily by Latin American scholars describe relations between
"Indigenous Peoples and Archaeology in Latin America is an important book for several reasons. First, it provides a good overview of the evolving relationships between indigenous people and archaeology in Latin America, especially South America. Second, the chapters cover so many fundamental issues that the book offers an excellent general introduction to the topic. Third, the quality of the projects described is outstanding, and the range of strategies and ideas included is bound to be useful for archaeologists working anywhere. And, finally, this edited volume marks a coming of age for the field of archaeology, which has finally progressed to a self-conscious social science that not only draws theory from other disciplines but also makes theoretical contributions of its own."

- K. Anne Pyburn, American Anthropologist

"This edited volume contains contributions from throughout Latin America that center around the emerging dialogue between indigenous peoples and archaeologists. The book represents a significant contribution to the discipline-wide conversation about the development and direction of indigenous archaeology. Because the authors draw from their experience in Latin America, the volume also provides instructive examples of different approaches to crafting productive collaborative relationships between archaeologists and indigenous peoples…this book [is] an important resource for academic library collections in archaeology, indigenous archaeology, public archaeology, and cultural resource management. Summing Up: Highly recommended. "

- K. F. Thompson, CHOICE

indigenous peoples and archaeology in the frame of national histories and examine the emergence of the native interest in their heritage. Relationships between archaeology and native communities are ambivalent: sometimes an escalating battleground, sometimes a promising site of intercultural encounters. The global trend of indigenous empowerment today has renewed interest in history, making it a tool of cultural meaning and political legitimacy. This book deals with the topic with a raw forthrightness not often demonstrated in writings about archaeology and indigenous peoples. Rather than being ‘politically correct,’ it attempts to transform rather than simply describe.

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