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Handbook of Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology
Soren Blau (Editor); Douglas H. Ubelaker (Editor)
534 pp. / 7.00 x 10.00 / Feb, 2009
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Over the last 10 years interest in the disciplines of forensic anthropology and archaeology has exploded.. In order to provide archaeologists and their students with a reliable understanding of
"This superb volume brings together contributions from practicing professionals in Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and the United States…My only wish is that the Handbook text was printed in larger type, but that would have made for a volume double in size and prohibitively expensive. For those individuals considering specializing in forensic anthropology, or applying their archaeological skills in the search, documentation, and recovery of human remains and evidence derived from nonarchaeological contexts, this book inserts a large dose of reality into what it means to be an anthropologist first and and a forensic anthropologist second."

- Leslie E. Eisenberg, Journal of Forensic Sciences

"…this volume is indeed comprehensive. The Editors should be congratulated on an excellent book, which should be on the bookshelf of any serious practitioner and library. The Editors state that the ‘methodologies summarised in this volume are state of the art but hardly the last word.’ However, this book should remain highly relevant for many years to come. Highly recommended!!"

- James Robertson, Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences

"Forensic anthropologists play a pivotal role in disasters, and this volume presents information on disaster science in general, the role of forensic anthropologists, and case studies of recent disasters…This is a fascinating work, important for students and experts alike in both archaeology and anthropology. Summing Up: Highly recommended. "

- J. A. Gibson, CHOICE

these disciplines, this authoritative volume draws contributions from fifty experienced practitioners from around the world to offer a solid foundation in both the practical and ethical components of forensic work. Over 40 chapters weave together historical development, current field methods in analyzing crime, natural disasters and human atrocities, an array of laboratory techniques, key case studies, legal, professional, and ethical issues, and promising future directions, all from a global perspective. This volume will be the benchmark for the understanding of anthropological and archaeological forensics for years to come.

This title is sponsored by World Archaeological Congress.

The World Archaeological Congress is the only archaeological organisation with elected global representation. Membership is open to archaeologists, heritage managers and members of the public.WAC is committed to the scientific investigation of the past and the protection of cultural heritage worldwide. It supports the empirical investigation and appreciation of the political contexts within which research is conducted and interpreted, and promotes dialogue and debate among advocates of different views of the past. It is committed to diversity and to redressing global inequities in archaeology, through scholarly programs. WAC has a special interest in protecting the cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples, minorities and economically disadvantaged countries. It encourages the participation of Indigenous peoples, researchers from low-income countries and members of the public who are interested in cultural heritage.

WAC Promotes
* Scientific Research and publication on the material remains of the past.
* Public Education to provide communities with information to participate in archaeological work.
* Professional Education and Training for economically disadvantaged nations, groups and communities.
* Action Research addressing issues relevant to the empowerment and betterment of Indigenous groups, minorities and the poor.
* Conservation of cultural heritage that is threatened by looting, vandalism, urban growth, tourism, development or war.

Left Coast Press, Inc. publishes two book series for the Congress, WAC Research Handbooks in Archaeology and the One World Archaeology Series (formerly published by Routledge and UCL Press; Left Coast Press volumes begin with volume 48, 2006).

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