Handbook of Anthropology in Business

Handbook of Anthropology in Business


Introduction Patricia Sunderland & Rita Denny  13

Section I: Dynamics of Tension, Forces of Change  33
Introduction Patricia Sunderland & Rita Denny  35

1 De-Anthropologizing Ethnography: A Historical Perspective on the Commodification of Ethnography as a Business Service  Marietta L. Baba  43

2 Theorizing Business & Anthropology  Brian Moeran  69

3 Decentering the Origin Story of Anthropology & Business: The British Experience Since 1950 Simon Roberts 83

4 Professional Anthropology & Training in France Dominique Desjeux 100

5 Living in Business Schools, Writing Consumer Culture Eric J. Arnould & Craig J. Thompson  116

6 Methodological Rebellion: Overcoming the Quantitative-Qualitative Divide  Neal H. Patel  135

Section II: Boundaries Breached and Blurred 157
Introduction  Patricia Sunderland & Rita Denny  159

7 Making Markets Emerge: Enumeration, “Development,” & Technology Markets Dawn Nafus  167

8 Design Ethnography, Public Policy, & Public Services: Rendering Collective Issues Doable & at Human Scale Lucy Kimbell  186

9 The Anthropologist as IT Troubleshooter on Wall Street Patricia Ensworth  202

10 Management Consulting in Times of Austerity: Sustainability & the Business-Place-Community Nexus in Italy Dipak R. Pant  223

11 Opportunity & Challenge in the Health Care Industry: Anthropological Inroads inFrance Sophie Alami  234

12 Anthropology in a Design, Engineering, & Commerce Curriculum Lisa DiCarlo, Heather McGowan, & Sarah Rottenberg  247

13 The Anthropology of Business & Administration in Japan John L. McCreery & Keiko Yamaki  266

14 Work Practice Studies as Anthropology Melissa Cefkin  284

Section III: Plying the Trade 299
Introduction Rita Denny & Patricia Sunderland  301

15 The Good Anthropologist: Questioning Ethics in the Workplace Kathi R. Kitner  309

16 The Sustaining Impact of Anthropology in Business: The “Shelf Life” of Data Martha Cotton  321

17 Notes from the Periphery: Ethnography & Business in the Czech Republic  Kateřina Ailová, Jaroslav Cír, & Kateřina Sv. Gillárová 336

18 Training the Next Generation: Business Anthropology at the University of North Texas Susan Squires, Christina Wasson, & Ann Jordan  346

19 Configuring Family, Kinship, & Natural Cosmology: Branding Pet Food Maryann McCabe  362

20 Ethnography Guiding Brand Strategy: Rum & Real Blokes Nick Agafonoff, Julien Cayla, & Belinda Heath  379

21 The Life of a Cult Object Before, During, & After an Ethnographic Study: The HP 12c Financial Calculator Bernard Cova  396

22 Able to Fly: Temporality, Visibility, & The Disabled Airline Passenger Kenneth C. Erickson 412

23 Mediating Business Process Models with an Anthropological Voice: “Double-Level Language” in the Norwegian Oil Industry Vidar Hepsø  429

24 Decoding Culture: Cultural Insight & Semiotics in Britain Cato Hunt & Sam Barton  447

25 Hook to Plate Social Entrepreneurship: An Ethnographic Approach to Driving Sustainable Change in the Global Fishing Industry Jay Hasbrouck & Charley Scull  463

Section IV: the Energy of Memes 487
Introduction Rita Denny & Patricia Sunderland  489

26 A Crisis of Representation? Anthropology in the Popular Business Media Sarah J. S. Wilner 497

27 How “the User” Frames What Designers See: What Cultural Analysis Does to Change The Frame Megan Neese 521

28 Recognizing Agile Natalie Hanson  540

29 Business Anthropology in China  Tian Guang  556

30 In Pursuit of Strategy: Anthropologists in Advertising Robert J. Morais  571

31 Nationalism, Identity, & Consumption Sakari Tamminen, Otto Utti, & Johannes Suikkanen 588

32 Rethinking Russian History & Identity Through Consumer Culture Lyubava Shatokhina 603

33 Brand Fortitude in Moments of Consumption Nina Diamond, Mary Ann McGrath, John F. Sherry, Jr., Robert V. Kozinets, Albert M. Muñiz, Jr., & Stefania Borghini  619

34 Live Fieldnoting: Creating More Open Ethnography Tricia Wang  638

35 Ethnography in Digital Spaces: Ethnography of Virtual Worlds, Netnography, & Digital Ethnography Alessandro Caliandro  658

Section V: Muses for Engagement 681
Introduction Rita Denny & Patricia Sunderland  683

36 From Strategy to Equipped Serendipity: Lessons from Ezio, the Black Angel of Florence Franck Cochoy  689

37 An Anthropology of the Senses: Tracing the Future of Sensory Marketing in Brand Rituals Timothy de Waal Malefyt  704

38 Doing Anthropology, Doing Business Charles N. Darrah & Alicia Dornadic  722

39 Glimpses from the Blogosphere Sarah Teitler  737

40 Between the Idea & the Reality Falls the Shadow: A True, Semifactual Tale of Professional Despair Martin Høyem  753

41 Seduction in the Field: Meditations on Building Rapport through the Ethnographic Camera Lens Bruno Moynié  763

42 Applied Netnography: An Appropriate Appropriation?  Robert V. Kozinets 775

43 Applied Cultural Analysis: Ethnography as Compositional Practice  Tom O’Dell & Robert Willim  787

Index 801
About the Contributors 825