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Journal of Archaeological, Ethnographic, and Experimental Studies
Kathryn Weedman Arthur and Liam Frink
Semi-annual in April and October
256 pp. / ISSN: 1944-2890

Current Issue
Ethnoarchaeology Vol. 4, no. 2
Fall 2012
Vol. 4, N. 2
About the Journal

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Ethnoarchaeology, a cross-cultural peer-reviewed journal, will focus on the present position, impact of, and future prospects of ethnoarchaeological and experimental studies approaches to anthropological research. The primary goal of this journal is to provide practitioners with an intellectual platform in which we may showcase and appraise current research as well as foreground theoretical and methodological directions for the 21st century. One need that Ethnoarchaeology addresses is that there is little that unifies or defines our subdiscipline, although there has been an exponential increase in ethnoarchaeological and experimental research in the past thirty years. With such growth we must explore what distinguishes these approaches as a subdiscipline, what methods connect practitioners, and what unique suite of research attributes we contribute to the better understanding of the human condition. The journal should be of interest to archaeologists, other anthropologists, historians, and specialists in pre-modern and contemporary technologies. In addition to research articles, the journal will contain book and other media reviews, periodic theme issues, and position statements by noted scholars.

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